May 12, 2014
IVARR Releases One For The ‘Party People’
IVARR - Party People (Original Mix)

Trap and nu disco are two genres that usually don’t have very much crossover. That being said, Orlando-based producer IVARR has just put out one of the funkiest trap tracks to ever be released.

When first listening to Party People, it may not be readily apparent that you’re about to be entering the world of booty-bouncing trap. The track begins with a funky nu disco buildup (sampled from Kano’s 1980 disco track I’m Ready) before transitioning to a trap beat and chopped up vocals. IVARR is somehow able to seamlessly mix together a myriad of different sounds into a cohesive, party-starting foot-stomper.

Head over to IVARR’s Facebook page for a free download of Party People, and be sure to check out his SoundCloud page for a ton of other free downloads.

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