Apr 09, 2014
Itsu Serves Up Some Fresh ‘Jazushi’
Itsu - Organ Abuse (Original Mix) [High Intensity]
Itsu - Jazzed Mah Pants (Original Mix) [High Intensity]
Itsu feat. Ryanosaurus - Itsusaurus (Original Mix) [High Intensity]

Within ten days of its release, Itsu’s new EP, Jazushi, has risen through the ranks of Beatport’s glitch hop release chart, now sharing the top ten with new releases by Skrillex and KOAN Sound.

Part of it might be that he opens the EP with his catchiest track to date. Organ Abuse takes a cue from its title and features Itsu gliding up and down the keyboard like Roy Manzarek on adderall. Thick, metallic square waves threaten to topple and teeter off the groove at a moment’s notice, but an acoustic bass lick keeps everything tight, and illustrates how cool it is to hear acoustic instruments and digital sounds mixed together.

Jazzed Mah Pants is where things start to get a little wonkier. The acoustic elements disappear as the melodies get more sinister. Itsu never stops shredding on his keys, even during a four-on-the-floor break and a dubstep climax. On Itsusaurus, he experiments with a psytrance outro. Itsu’s fondness for quirky, carnival-esque tones make Itsu unique enough to have his own ditch in the dirt of the glitch hop world. Pick it up at Beatport to find out yourself

itsu jazushi album cover

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