Feb 02, 2011
It's Your Birthday!
Cut//Copy - Lights & Music (Radio Edit) [Modular]
Cut//Copy - Lights & Music (Super Discount Remix) [Modular]

If you like synth-pop, then odds are you’ve probably heard of Cut//Copy. This avant-garde band from Melbourne, Australia is gaining a lot of attention here in the US, touring with bands like Franz Ferdinand, and they are even one of the main headliners at Ultra Music Festival this year. Their recent spike in popularity is a testament to the fact that electronic acts aren’t limited to a pair of turntables anymore. I personally can’t wait for their new album Zonoscope to release on the 7th (expect a review from yours truly). But in the meantime, here’s a taste of all the synth-poppy goodness.

Released in 2008, Lights & Music has become one of the band’s most recognizable tracks. It’s a bit of fun, super feel-good electronica. Colorful synth floats throughout the song, while a backing of vocals echo over each other at different layers over a humble bassline. I think the thing that makes this song such a success is that it has found a niche on the periphery of indie. Meaning, it’s easily accessible to those both within and outside the synth-pop scene. I could picture both hipsters and bros enjoying this one.

We also have an awesome remix as well. The Super Discount remix is, simply put, where it’s at. It opens up with some edgy sirens and continues with some interesting minimal sounds and 8-bit progressions that give the track an entirely new feel.

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