Aug 28, 2010
It’s An Emergency
BT & Andrew Bayer - The Emergency (Original Mix)

It’s an unfortunate truth of humanity that we sometimes only appreciate things properly once they’re either almost or completely snatched away from us. BT and Andrew Bayer have captured this experience perfectly in their new track, The Emergency. A vivid recounting of a near-death encounter, it is overflowing with honest emotion that is pure, gripping, and heartfelt. Give the words a good listen and let the scene be painted before you as the beautifully arranged track proceeds to the chorus.

Ah, the chorus. How many artists out there try to find the words to describe the sentiment that is so easily and bluntly conveyed here? And it doesn’t come off as tacky. And it doesn’t sound cheesy. It’s real. It’s straightforward. And it’s true.

Easily one of my favorite vocal trance tracks of 2010 and featured on In Search of Sunrise 8, one of our picks for best compilations of 2010, The Emergency is a track not to miss. Please, I insist.

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