May 02, 2012
Italian Job
2 Kilo Mockingbird - Pair A Dice (Maztek Dubstep Remix) [Binary Feedback]

The neurofunk sub-genre of drum’n’bass has been boiling over with talent lately. One such talent is Italian producer Maztek, who is known for his mutated synth leads and aggressive basslines. Although Maztek admits to having influences ranging from electro to breaks, his tunes usually reside in the 170bpm range, synonymous with d’n’b and neurofunk . However, on rare occasion, Maztek will craft a dubstep banger like his remix of Pair A Dice by 2 Kilo Mockingbird. The tune, out on Binary Feedback, is a gap-bridging stormer that would fit into a DJ set of brostep or the darker UK dubstep variety.

Maztek’s remix of Pair A Dice is slick and swanky; the tune’s various synth elements layer perfectly on top of the lush vocal sample. With no grinding or squealing lead melodies to be found, the song simply relies on its wobbles, dark bassline, and creative vocal processing to keep the listener’s interest. The drum programming, with everything from woodblocks to bongos, is incredibly complex, giving the track another layer of sophistication.

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