Aug 15, 2010
It Might Be In My Mind
Marcel Woods - Tomorrow (Original Mix) [High Contrast]

Tomorrow, by Marcel Woods, is a masterpiece. Good god. Can someone please come over here and switch tracks? I think I’ve been playing this one for a few hours straight on repeat. How could I not? This song has an absolutely killer combination of features that make it incredible.

1) Excellent lyrics–“It might be in my mind but the picture of our future’s grey, only the dark colors remain in my memory…” and many others which I wont spoil here.
2) A fantastic male vocalist–we don’t have many of those in trance.
3) One of the most massive drops I’ve ever heard–at 2:44. Good lord.
4) Extreme attention to detail–perfect vocal effects, interesting techy sounds
5) Beautiful variety–we get hard tech to epic synth, all in one

Marcel Woods has really nailed it on this one. +1 for the Dutch. I guess something as huge as this track shouldn’t be surprising having come from a guy who started his career with DJing in 1990. Over the past years, he has, among other things, played at Dance Valley, Defqon.1, Innercity, Sensation and Trance Energy. In case you aren’t aware of those events, they are some of the biggest trance gatherings in the world. Marcel Woods has certainly set the bar high. I have yet to give his latest album Musical Madness 2 a listen, but after experiencing this track I am as excited as ever.

Ok, I’m retreating back to Tomorrow; I’ll talk to you guys in a few days. Proto out.

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