Sep 08, 2011
Island House
Roul & Doors - Assiduity (Original Mix) [Defected]
Roul & Doors feat Michael Mendoza - Trinidad (Original Mix) [Defected]

Dutch tribal house duo Roul & Doors are no dummies–Roul has a master’s degree in biomedical science, and Doors has his master’s in international business. After meeting in school, R&D decided to follow their passion take the plunge into the music industry together. So far, the decision has worked quite nicely for them. Their newest double-sider, Assiduity/Trinidad, was released on house heavyweight Defected, so expect their sounds to infiltrate even further into the mainstream.

Already being dropped by Gareth Emery, Assiduity is a heavily tribal track that focuses on one main melodic pattern that changes in sound throughout the song. It has a very Caribbean feel to it–one that almost makes you want to get up and merengue. Trinidad is perhaps even more tribal, with a bit more of a laid back vibe that invokes thoughts of day parties on the beach.

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