Apr 16, 2014
Is Your Favorite Song ‘Diplo Approved?’
Emoh Instead feat. Nicole Millar - Out To Dry (Original Mix) [Sweat It Out]
Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs [Sony]
Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar - Collard Greens (Genesis Remix)

You might consider yourself a music connoisseur, but is your sh*t “Diplo Approved?” Well, now it can be. The Mad Decent boss just launched a new SoundCloud account cataloguing his favourite tracks from other artists.

Currently, the page offers up a handful of songs, including the Say So EP by Emoh InsteadFlume’s partner in What So Not–remixes from Genesis and Moody Good, and an entrancing tune from Norwegian singer Mr Little Jeans. Check out Diplo Approved here, and expect more eclectic tunes and hidden gems to follow.

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