Jun 13, 2010
Is This Markus Schulz's Year?

Number 1 US DJ Markus Schulz is coming out with his long-awaited sophomore artist album titled “Do You Dream?” on June 15, and it seems as if it will truly showcase his range of the talent as a producer across several genres of EDM. I was fortunate enough to see him live at Pacha NYC on tour for this album release and I all I can say is he was absolutely amazing.

Look out for Markus’ vocal remake of Cass & Slide’s “Perception” featuring the vocals of trance goddess Justine Suissa, best known for her vocal on Above & Beyond/Oceanlab’s “Satellite.” Markus did an excellent job of, as he likes to put it, protecting/preserving the “soul” of the original track. “Dark Heart Waiting” is another great vocal track with vocalist Carey Stansfield (aka Khaz) of the well-known group Departure; it is the follow-up to previous Departure collabs “Without You Near” and “Cause You Know,” and features Markus’ signature sound: deep and dark, but with a trancy edge. Just the way the crowd loves it.

This is definitely a big year for Markus, and “Do You Dream?” should keep him as one the premier Global DJs/Producers in 2010. Check it out via Armada Music:
Markus Schulz – Do You Dream?

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