Apr 14, 2013
Is this Jai Paul’s Debut Album?
Jai Paul - BTSTU (Original Mix)

Nearly three years after the mysterious single BTSU surfaced around the blogosphere, enigmatic UK producer Jai Paul has dropped what appears to be his debut album on his Bandcamp this weekend. Fans of the off-the-grid producer can now enjoy a new batch of 16 untitled tunes (with BTSTU included).

The album plays like the rough draft of a mainstream pop album, yet remains wholeheartedly real, mixing quirky and often glitchy electro-pop with Paul’s sensual vocals. It’s a hybrid of sorts with lo-fi sensibilities, Prince-like sex appeal, and Dilla-style beats–a rare beast indeed. What’s also interesting is the raw potential of the handful of tracks that are under one minute in length, which sound like teasers for what’s bound to be an amazing batch of new singles.

Not much is known about Jai Paul, but if this album is any indication, he will be on everyone’s radar soon. He’s already on Tiga’s and Bonobo’s:

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