Jan 28, 2011
iPhone Electro
Alex Noise - Electro B*tch (Original Mix) [Noisetown]

Featuring the simple sounds of electroclash mixed with hardstyle rhythms, Alex Noise’s track Electro B*tch shows off the versatility and varied sounds of electro house. The heavy use of synths throughout create a catchy tune with mellow drops. From what I have read and heard, Noise usually specializes in hardstyle and hardcore genres, but as you can hear with Electro B*tch his sound is shifted to the more subdued level of electro house.

Noise’s basement-style productions and low key marketing also play into the fact that many of the genres he works with are not received as popularly as others in EDM. In talking with Noise, he described this track as “a crazy project [that was] produced on my iPhone.” Talk about innovative. It’s just crazy what phones can do nowadays. I challenge anyone out there to make a track as good as this on a phone!

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