Nov 13, 2010
iPad? uPad.
Jochen Miller - uPad (Extended Mix) [High Contrast]

Jochen Miller certainly loves taking the genre of trance and twisting it into something ferocious. From his breakout 2009 smash Brace Yourself to his percolating remix of Svenson & Gielen’s Twisted, Jochen seems to be on a one-man mission to blur the lines between what is trance, what is electro, and really, what dance music is in general.

His latest release bears the tongue-in-cheek title of uPad, and I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs couldn’t cook up something this slammin’. I love it when tracks have two completely different drops in them, and that’s exactly what happens here–just compare 1:30 to 4:08. Talk about High Contrast (no pun intended–get it?) This track distinctly and seamlessly slides between house, electro, and trance in a way that only Jochen can do. Expect to hear a wide variety of DJs playing this track far and wide.

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