Jun 02, 2013
Introducing Rawrberry
Rawrberry Feat. Chaz Mckinney - Miracle (Original Mix) [Bugeyed]
Rawrberry - The Tavern (Original Mix) [Bugeyed]
Rawrberry - Epiphany (Original Mix) [Bugeyed]

Stefen Auer of Vienna lives and breathes music. After all, he does reside in the same place where Mozart produced his finest symphonies. Initially a pianist, Auer started producing electronic music at the ripe age of 14, giving him to date a little over a decade of experience. Rawrberry is his personal alias, and as a working musician he has produced music ranging from radio jingles to video game music.

Stefen’s influences are vast, ranging from nu-metal to hip-hop, but Prodigy’s Fat of the Land holds a special place in his strawberry-flavored heart as the electronic album that impacted his childhood the most. His varied taste is an indicator that his music is not factory-churned and there is plenty of room for the further evolution of his already well-polished, big room-meets-deep progressive sound. The experience is personal, so I leave you with his new EP, Epiphany, to decide if you’re as big of a fan as I am.

Rawrberry’s Epiphany EP is available for purchase from Beatport today.

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