Aug 13, 2010
Into The Woods
Deadmau5 & Chris Lake - I Said (Michael Woods Remix) [Mau5trap]
Moguai - Oyster (Michael Woods Remix) [Mau5trap]

Hello all, today I would like to talk about Michael Woods. He’s been featured on LessThan3 before – check out Proto’s article on Dropzone as well as Toothless’s post on Domino’s. I first took note of Michael Woods through Deadmau5’s admiration of him. Apparently the feeling is mutual, because Woods has not only remixed the Deadmau5/Chris Lake collaboration, I Said, but he was also brought on to remix Oyster, a track by Moguai, an artist on Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap Records. Both of these tunes have been reworked to dazzling levels–Woods injects pure electronic fire into these tracks. His use of intense buildups serve to blast you off at rocket-like speeds, then set you coasting on a smooth ride through the atmosphere. This is what makes Woods stand out to me – his buildups. Many tracks nowadays seem to have the same ole cut-the-bass, cue the “standard buildup effect” feel to me. Woods maintains his artistic ability by coming at it fresh – his breakdowns are so smooth that you could even mistake them for any other part of the song.

Growing up in the UK, Woods always had a keen ear for music. According to his MySpace, Michael has “a catalogue of creative skills including the keys—which he learned to play at the tender age of 3—guitar, drums and trumpet, practically making him a one man band.” Later on, he went to “Pimlico’s Trinity Music College where he contracted a love for musicality, often using his spare time orchestrating with the percussion section of the London Symphony Orchestra.” With such a musical history, it’s no wonder why Woods’ productions are so amazing. Recently, he’s appeared on Pete Tong’s 15 Minutes of Fame and has had his remix of I Said featured on Armin’s A State of Trance radio show.

If you’re not already convinced by his credentials, check out his stuff for yourself. In addition to the songs on this post, I’m going to link you to his SoundCloud Account where you can view his entire catalogue, including his guest appearances on some radio shows. Also, check out this Youtube video of one of my favorites, Dynamik. Listen and enjoy!

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