Mar 24, 2011
Into the Rabbit Hole
Evol Intent feat Ewun - Reality Check (J.Rabbit remix) [Evol Intent]
J. Rabbit & Messinian - Titties (J.Rabbit Label Edit) [Badman Digital]
J. Rabbit - iBadman (Original Mix) [Badman Digital]

Born and raised in Laguna Beach, CA, Jeff Trunick doesn’t fit the typical pedigree of a dubstep DJ/producer. Now move the OC kid to New York, more specifically the Bronx, and give him the name J. Rabbit. That’s more like it. Building up a new level of grime is what J. Rabbit has been doing ever since his big move. He’s gained quite a few followers along the way, and who’s can blame them; the guy drops filthy dub tunes like no one else.

The three tracks accompanying this post are only sampling of the filth that J. Rabbit has created. iBadman showcases the Rabbit’s talents in producing a well-balanced dub track with a lights out heavy ending. In addition, the remix of Reality Check is a prime showcase of J. Rabbit’s ability to dole out complete destruction.

The last selected track, Titties, is the best out of the three, not only because of its suggestive title but because it’s so catchy with its upbeat tempo and off-the-wall vocals. Big ups to J. Rabbit on his recent work; I certainly see good things coming his way in the future.

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