Jan 23, 2011
Into Kraddy's Labyrinth
Kraddy - Into The Labyrinth [Minotaur]
Kraddy - Let Go [Minotaur]

Matthew Kratz, known in the EDM community as Kraddy, is an impressive solo breakaway from popular dub/glitch hop group Glitch Mob. His new EP Labryinth shows off some impressive talent from this Mobster. Hands down, the most notable track on the EP would have to be Into The Labryinth. It’s a dark, twisted tune that delivers with an evenly balanced rhythm. The track keeps surprising the listener drop after drop, as layers of pure filth and grime build up. Kraddy also shows off his versatility with Let Go, which incorporates elements of rap, hip hop, and dubstep. The female vocalist at the beginning of the track starts things off right, and that part in itself would make for a memorable trance tune.

Combining forces with a number of different musical genres, as what Kraddy is doing, is a great thing for EDM as it ensures increased exposure to a wide range of sounds for a group of otherwise clueless individuals. As seen recently with Britney Spears’ dubstep-infused single Hold it Against Me, it seems mainstream music is searching for a new sound. Recently it has been electro house. Is dubstep next? Chances are high.

Luckily for all of you who like these tracks, Kraddy will be kicking off a 30-city US tour starting this month. Look for him to come to a venue near you!

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