Apr 15, 2011

Anders TrentemØller has been successfully straddling the fence between indie and EDM since his 2006 debut. Now appearing at festivals like Ultra and Coachella, 2011 may be a breakthrough year for the Dane. Check our exclusive interview with this one-of-a-kind DJ.

Trentemøller - Shades of Marble (Trentemøller Remix) [In My Room]
LessThan3: How does the now single-driven nature of the music industry affect the planning behind a set? In other words, are your sets more of a compilation of hits or do you view them as cohesive pieces of art in themselves?
Anders: Definitely cohesive pieces of art. I don’t ever think about the music industry when planning my sets. For me, it’s very important to do what I feel is right and not think of what the target groups in the industry are doing. I like to surprise people and not give them what they think they want. I hope to expose them to something different, hoping they might prefer it in the end.
LessThan3: You’ve witnessed a tremendous amount of change in the EDM world. How have the sounds changed and how have they inspired this new age of music? Is there something about the sound today that you think gives it wider appeal?
Anders: I can only speak for myself. I’ve always had this strange thing of having one leg in the electronic world and another in the indie world. In regards to the new of music I think the trend of mashups was a reaction to dull minimal electronic music and the acceptance of mingling genres. Five to ten years ago you had to be a heavy rocker or strictly into hip hop or techno. It’s no longer like that as people’s minds are more open; I feel like my mix of influences are now more accepted.
LessThan3: In 2008 you received a Beatport Music Award for Best Chillout Artist. How did you feel about that accomplishment back then, and do you think that these awards are gaining more significance as years go by?
Anders: I was quite happy about the award. It was fun and really interesting for me because I never thought my music was “chillout,” But of course it’s always great when you win an award that the listeners, the fans, are voting for. That was really special for me.
LessThan3: Do you think that some of your older tracks have more appeal now than they did when they were first released?
Anders: Hmm… maybe some of them, but honestly I’ve never thought about it that way. It’s hard to see my music in that sense–whether it is commercial or not. Although I can appreciate commercial music like pop music when its done in a clever way.
LessThan3: Who’s your favorite artist that has spun one of your tracks? Describe that feeling of accomplishment.
Anders: It’s always great when you are remixed by people that you really admire. The remix Unkle did for me comes to mind first. We traded tracks and Unkle made mine sound really great; they took the song to a whole new dimension. It’s great to hear music covered by someone that you really admire.
LessThan3: We received a lot of positive feedback about your performance at Ultra this year. What was your experience like performing there?
Anders: It was very fun. Really wild because it was the first time we’ve ever played in Miami and the monitor mix caught on fire! The audience was a great mix of people too. Techno fans, indie fans and ravers all together.
LessThan3: How do you approach your residency nights vs tour shows vs music festivals? Where do you like to let your creativity and risk-taking run wild?
Anders: For me, all are very important. Sometimes for some shows I cannot use all of my visuals because they are really difficult to transport. What I like most is playing venues. You can really build up the night atmosphere-wise when you choose the support. Dorit Crysler will be on tour with me and she plays an old Russian instrument called the theremin. It’s so difficult to master. You can see how she uses it in my Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! video. I love the sound; it reminds me of a horror movie from the 50s.
LessThan3: What inspired the music video for Moan?
Anders: The idea came from a good friend of mine, Mielt Trebol. We didn’t want to come up with a normal love story because that would have been cliché. We thought that a dog should be thinking of his owner, and also sing while cruising through the planets in space. They were filming another movie in Moscow at the same time so it was perfect. The Russian film school helped a lot,;they found a picture from NASA and tried to build it so it looked real. It ended up being a really big project. I also enjoyed it because the Russians were really into the idea and really proud since the concept included space.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Anders: Hmm…so many great songs to listen to if I had less than 3 minutes! Venus in Furs by the Velvet Underground I think. It’s so hypnotic and dark.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Anders: Melancholic, dusky, melodic.
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