Nov 22, 2012
Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler is as well-known for his off-stage antics as he is for his legendary DJ sets. We caught up with the innovative producer ahead of a surprise Verboten show in New York to find out what he thinks of the American dance music boom and who he’d love to cook a roast for.

Matthew Dear - Fighting Is Futile (Seth Troxler Remix) [Spectral Sound]
LessThan3: You’ve been devoting a lot of time recently to your Visionquest label. Have you enjoyed the transition from production to the label?
Seth: Going from producing to running Visionquest has really been an organic thing. Running the label took over more of my passion. I love producing as well, but it’s great to be releasing other people’s music and making new dreams come true.
LessThan3: Are you excited about Ryan Crosson and Cesar Merveille’s DRM, the first full-length album out on Visionquest?
Seth: Yeah, I’m really excited about the Ryan and Cesar album. It’s really cool because next year we’ll be focusing more on albums and doing some really far out stuff, even working with some bands and folk music and new pop. But yeah, I love Ryan and this album so much. It’s just great to be able to release music that’s challenging and new.
LessThan3: Do you plan on any full-length releases from yourself?
Seth: We’ll see. I’m always in the we’ll see stage, but nothing in the foreseeable future. I took some time off recently besides working on Visionquest, but I did just start making music again. There’s a remix coming out for Matthew Dear, and I also did a remix of Caller #7 with Subb-an that’s out on Circus.
LessThan3: You’ve done a lot of back-to-back sets with a great variety of DJs. If there was one DJ that you could do a back-to-back set with, that you haven’t before, who would it be?
Seth: I would really love to play with Dixon. We’ve never played together but I think our styles would really complement each other.
LessThan3: How do you feel about the whole controller vs. vinyl debate?
Seth: I use Traktor and vinyl myself, but I’m not into the idea of syncing. If you’re doing something really innovative with it it’s cool, but otherwise you’re not really a DJ. It takes a long time to learn how to mix records and to match records. A few people who are using sync have put their time in and don’t have to prove that anymore, but a lot of people out there syncing CDs or doing a so-called live show, I’m just not really sure what they’re doing.
LessThan3: You spend a great amount of time overseas, but you’re originally from Detroit. What do you think about the American ‘EDM’ explosion?
Seth: I’ve lived in New York for about 6 years and the EDM thing is weird. It’s all this commercial dance music, and it’s cool that it’s bringing people out and making people dance, but at the end of the day it’s not really my vibe. We’ll see what happens in the future, but it’s really not for me.
LessThan3: You’re quite an accomplished cook, winning this year’s ADE DJ cook-off. If you could cook for one person in history, who would you cook for and what would you make?
Seth: I would really like to cook for my mom, or maybe my grandparents. I’m not exactly sure what I would cook but I think the situation would figure itself out. Maybe a roast, something very homey. They were very loving when I was growing up, so to be able to cook for them now that I’m an adult would really be a pleasure for me.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Seth: Contemporary Dance Music
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