Jul 13, 2011
Sandro Silva

Sandro Silva is another man making a name for himself in the Dutch house scene, with great success so far. Championed by Laidback Luke, Sandro loves tribal grooves that get the floor rocking. Learn more about the unique elements of his sound in our exclusive interview.

Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke feat Lil Jon - Turbulence (Sandro Silva Remix) [Mixmash]
LessThan3: Where do you hope to take the Dutch house sound?
Sandro: I really hope to make it even more special than it is now, by using my own unique sounds. I’m trying to be different and original but in a way in which many people can understand it. I don’t like it when people say they don’t like mainstream music. If many people, i.e. “the mainstream,” love your music, it has to be good, right?
LessThan3: Do you ever run into issues where you’re not allowed to play a tune that you have in your possession at a live show?
Sandro: Yes many times, especially in Holland. As a DJ you have to feel your crowd, and play with that in your mind. I think people abroad are easier to deal in regards to other music compared to that of Holland. They are more open to other sounds, and that’s great to know.
LessThan3: What is it about the Netherlands that fostered the “Dirty Dutch” sound we’ve all come to know and love?
Sandro: The basics for the Dirty Dutch sound are so old, because the drum lines (called “bubbling lines”) are more than 15 years old. I listened to it when I was a young kid, with my family. A couple of years ago people started to combine the bubbling beats with soft synths and it was simple but so effective. That’s a deadly combination for the dancefloors, and that’s what made it big.
LessThan3: What do you think is the overall message amongst and from the EDM community?
Sandro: I think it’s just to have fun at the parties, keep the soul of the music alive and keep the EDM scene original. It’s all about innovating and renewing the scene and build it to a higher level.
LessThan3: We placed Apster’s remix of your trackTold Ya in our Top 15 Electro House Tracks of 2010. What do you think of the track, and do you plan on working with other artists in the future?
Sandro: Thank you! It worked out really well, because I didn’t think Told Ya was going to be that big. I made it in one day and asked Apster if he could made a remix, and he made a great remix for it! I have a lot of collabs coming with big names in the scene. Watch out for it; that’s all I can say for now!
LessThan3: If you could be any fruit what would it be and why?
Sandro: I think I would be a mango. I have tropical blood inside me, the sun always shines for me, I’m always happy, and I’m trying to think positive all the time. You have to be the change in the end.
LessThan3: What’s your favorite language for vocal samples?
Sandro: I love exotic vocals like from the Caribbean or Jamaica. Dancehall is a great inspiration for me. English vocals also are one my favorites; it’s such a great way to get attention on the mainstream scene.
LessThan3: What do you think the future for EDM in America is? Will it finally break through to the mainstream, and if so do you feel that trance, techno, dubstep, electro, or house will take over? Will it be a combination?
Sandro: America has such a good future for EDM. It will definitely break through to the mainstream. It will be a combination in the beginning, but after time goes by it will slowly start to split up and have several scenes.
LessThan3: Are there any unorthodox production techniques that help define your sound?
Sandro: Yes, I am a very unorthodox producer. I try so many things, and use many effects and combinations to make things bigger and different. I make my own synths, so that’s also unique in a way as I don’t use any VST plugins.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Sandro: This is a really difficult question! I think it would be Another Chance by Roger Sanchez. This track influenced me so much, and it had so much impact on me.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Sandro: Energetic, fat, special.
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