Jan 29, 2011

British womp and wobble import Rusko has been riding the growing dubstep wave to brand new heights, with the music in his veins carrying him all the way. Read our exclusive LessThan3 interview where Chris talks about everything from post-set rituals, to Xbox, to Britney.

Sub Focus - Splash (Rusko Remix) [RAM]
LessThan3: How do you compare dubstep in the US vs other places in the world?
Chris: Dubstep is still rather new to the US so it’s fun to see the faces of the ravers who have never heard a tune before. The UK crowds are a bit more…not educated, but immersed in it. The radio is very different in the US. In the UK electronic music is all over the radio and there are dubstep nights every night of the week in every city around the country. So it’s exciting to bring that to the US.
LessThan3: Did you ever think you were going to be something other than a DJ/producer?
Chris: I always knew I would be making music. I’m not good at anything else. I just make music all day long. I was in bands when I was in high school and then moved on to producing music solo. It’s crazy how it’s all taken off; it’s crazy to think that not long ago I was a hungry student making music instead of going to class.
LessThan3: Any comment on your working relations with Britney Spears?
Chris: A lot of production work is done on speculation. I met with one of her lyric writers, and we made some tunes. A few other producers did the same, but in the end they decided to just go with Dr. Luke. It’s a shame really; I think we made something different and exciting, but that’s the name of the game! It’s alright; the tune will just be recycled and hopefully will have some other amazing singer on it!
LessThan3: Your remix of Bionic Commando was a testament to your ability to rework video game tracks. Can you tell us a bit about your gaming habits?
Chris: To be honest I’m pretty rubbish. I have an Xbox and play live, but I much prefer the simpler old school Sega games. That’s what I had when I was younger and that’s pretty much the only games I’m good at! Everybody asks me for my gamer tag name but I’m so rubbish I’m too embarrassed to give it out!.
LessThan3: Can you tell us a bit about other dubstep artists you admire? Any promising new names?
Chris: There’s this new guy called Gemini who I really like from the UK and these two guys from Canada called Zeds Dead.
LessThan3: As one of the biggest artists in the dubstep scene, how satisfying does it feel to have seen the genre move from the underground to more mainstream prominence?
Chris: It’s extremely satisfying because it’s taken a lot of work to get here. When I think back to the early days it was all so much simpler. We just made the tunes and ran to the club and played our new stuff; it was all so exciting and new. Now it’s a bit more complicated with all the labels and stuff. It’s all worth it though, because the more ears it touches the more opportunities come up. I’m super excited about all the crazy collaborations and new projects coming my way. Like right now I’m working on an EP with Cypress Hill. A couple of years ago they would never have known what dubstep was. There’s room for everyone and a lot of room for experimentation.
LessThan3: What is the perfect way to end a night post-set?
Chris: A long hot shower, a long hot joint, and some old school British comedy TV.
LessThan3: If the world were to end in LessThan3 minutes, what song would you listen to?
Chris: It’s hard because my favorite song in the world, Tetrasync by Squarepusher, is about ten minutes long, and the best bit is about seven minutes in…so I’d be screwed!
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Chris: Fun, Bass-happy.
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