Apr 02, 2014
New World Punx

Trance supergroup New World Punx needs no introduction. Comprised of legends Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten, the duo has been rocking arenas with a “take no prisoners” performance style. We chatted with them before their set at Ultra about NWP’s origins, their upcoming release trajectory, & bringing the “fun” back to the scene.

New World Punx - A State Of Trance 650 - Live At Ultra Music Festival
LessThan3: How did this supergroup form?
Ferry: There was no thought behind it, really. We were in Ibiza a couple of years ago at a friend’s barbecue talking about music and how certain records still inspire us today. We got so fired up we decided to get in the studio one day with Loops N Tings, which we loved back in the day, and give it a fresh sound. Then after that we had a show where we were playing individually, and the promoter asked us if we could sort out who was playing when, and we just decided to play together. The response on social media was crazy after that. More promoters started asking us to do it, and here we are now.
LessThan3: How about the name? Was it meant to be a combination of The New World and Punk?
Markus: We were in a meeting and were like, “OK, we’ve gotta think of a name for this duo.” We decided that we wanted something that exemplified the attitude of punk rock, but for the “new world.” And then we were like, “New World Punx!” It came so simply that we left it as a “working title” for a while because we felt like we came up with it too easily. It stuck, though! That’s the key of anything successful, really–it’s so simple that it sticks.
LessThan3: Where did the artwork come from?
Markus: That was a fan, actually. The whole project is really organic and fueled by the fans. I remember we were talking about photo shoots at the beginning, but we were like, “well Ferry’s on one end of the world and I’m on the other. You know what, just draw something!”
LessThan3: What are the main differences between preparing for a solo set for each of you and preparing for a New World Punx set?
Markus: It’s all about attitude. When we’re working on our set together we go for maximum mayhem. More pitch bends per minute than anybody else. When I play by myself, I try to play more theatrically and take the listener on more of a journey.
Ferry: It’s a lot more ballsy when we play as NWP. When I’m doing a solo set, I love to drop one of those beautiful trance tracks just to give my set a bit of breathing room. But when we’re together we’re like, “we aren’t stopping now!”
LessThan3: What can we expect from your Ultra set today?
Markus: We have 33 tracks that we’re going to try and drop in 90 minutes. We like to improvise a lot when we’re up there–we’re having a party along with everyone else. There are a lot of tracks we’re playing that we don’t even have names for yet.
Ferry: It’s all about fun. This scene has become too serious in a lot of ways. Everyone feels like they have to play by a certain set of rules, and that it’s all about hits, hits, hits. We try to stay away from that and bring the real “fun” factor back.
LessThan3: When you work on NWP tracks, do you work remotely or together in the studio?
Ferry: A little of both. Even when I make music that is just for me, I send it over to Markus before it’s even finished so he can test it out, and vice versa.
Markus: When we work on solo tracks we always say “we need a NWP version of this.”
LessThan3: What’s your upcoming release trajectory? We’re dying to hear a new NWP track.
Markus: We’ve released a few bootlegs as free downloads online, but these are really just tracks that we’re having fun with and building on the fly for our sets. This week we decided that we need to get in the studio and release another proper single.
Ferry: Right now we have a few almost ready to go, but they’re just not quite done yet. We’re in a very creative mood right now, though, so expect something soon.
LessThan3: When it comes to releasing your tracks, how do you decide which of your labels to use to put out the track?
Markus: Flip a coin! The first ones we did one on his label and one on mine, and then we released Romper for free. For the next ones, maybe we’ll do something like New World Punx Recordings. We haven’t really thought about it. We started NWP to get away from more of the “business” side, so it’s not really something we are thinking about a lot.
LessThan3: Who are some up-and-comers in the trance scene that you guys are supporting?
Ferry: We both have our crew behind us that we are heavily supporting. Markus is putting his weight behind KhoMha, and I’ve got Jacob van Hage.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Ferry: The original Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber.
Markus: I’ve answered this one before, and I still say Stairway To Heaven. Or ID by ID.
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