Oct 11, 2013
Morgan Page

Dance veteran Morgan Page has been touching our hearts for years with entrancing melodies and poignant lyrics. Now the man is taking a step into uncharted territory with an all-new 3D experience that you have to see to believe. Read on for a story about James Cameron seeing the setup at Avatar Studios and deets on his upcoming compilation.

Morgan Page & Nadia Ali - Carry Me (Extended Mix) [Nettwerk]
LessThan3: Can you attempt to give our readers a verbal interpretation of what your 3D experience is like?
Morgan: Man, I don’t know. It is very hard to put into words. I can explain it to you and it might sound pretty cool to you, But you won’t really get it until you see it.
LessThan3: Do you have this 3D setup for every single show that you do?
Morgan: Logistically it is very hard. We have like seven different setups because every club is different. Like in LA there was the A-rig. Skylab Denver was the A-rig. Last night was a small venue so we squashed everyone in there for the C-rig. Surrender in Vegas we did the C-rig. The basic setup is a booth LED in front of me, and a large, square LED wall which is high res 3D–you have to wear polarized glasses to see it correctly. You can actually film the show from behind the glasses and use them to enhance the contrast. I want to make a little accessory that you put on your phone to record the 3D show with. We are working on that. Basically my idea is to create an immersive environment where you are in the show rather than the show being broadcasted to you.
LessThan3: What is your favorite setting to display your setup?
Morgan: Depends on the stage size. The bigger the screen, the better. It’s a different experience up close than further back. You get more depth in the back, but I like to be surrounded by it on the sides.
LessThan3: We’ve been seeing a lot of fans rave about it on Twitter.
Morgan: There have been some festivals that have attempted to use 3D and they didn’t quite get it right. It’s all about preserving the illusion.
LessThan3: I think Electric Zoo tried to do that. We didn’t buy the glasses ourselves but we used other people’s glasses and it was an OK experience.
Morgan: If people don’t have a religious experience, you didn’t do it right. 3D gives you a whole different canvas to work with. You can go shallow depth visuals or it can be as deep as a football field.
LessThan3: We saw this interview saying that James Cameron came to see the technology. What was that like?
Morgan: We were literally at Avatar Studios. They let us use it and toward the end some workers came over and said “your time is running out,” but then saw what we were doing and were like “we’re going to get John Lando.” John Lando, James’ right-hand man, said “let’s get James over here” and then they let us use it for the rest of the night. I thought James Cameron would come over and be like, “that’s pretty cool,” but he was like, “this is awesome.” He was very impressed.
LessThan3: Did you do this as a way to stand out from the EDM crowd?
Morgan: I thought it was a way of being more distinctive. Many of my songs have lyrics, so I thought that having lyrics fly in your face would be a really cool way to show this. I really want to have the singers to come at you eventually. Holograms look like child’s play compared to what you can do with this.
LessThan3: Do you think vocally driven tracks affect the crowd differently?
Morgan: Right now, because of all these festivals, I play harder sets to match the mood and feel, but I want to play my music too. I am not known for having aggressive sounds until recently. I have been posting my EDC set and people have a certain expectation now. But then there are people that know my mellow album songs. So I was was like, why don’t I combine both of them and keep the songs fresh with different vocals and breakdowns so the beats can breathe on their own? It’s just a rollercoaster ride–big builds but tender melodic moments as well.
LessThan3: You are about to release a compilation album called Morgan Page Presents. How will that be different from In The Air?
Morgan: This compilation is going to be highlighting a lot of guys that are on tour with me right now, like Audien, Walden, Beltek, Project 46. My new track Against the World will be on there, as well as new singles from the album I am working on. This is my first mix compilation.
LessThan3: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Morgan: I’m a big runner. I like travel, too. This job combines all my passions: music, technology, and travel. I don’t have a lot of free time anymore, though. This tour is the first bus tour I have done; we stop in a different city every day.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Morgan: I think music would be the last thing I would be worrying about, but I guess a Daft Punk track like Around the World. Light-hearted, positive music.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Morgan: Melodic, song-driven.
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