Oct 17, 2010

Freshly recruited to Deadmau5-run label Mau5trap, Moguai is now on everyone’s radar as we await greatness from the mau5-approved producer. LessThan3 gets a chance to discuss his new home and his latest album, We Ar Lyve.

Moguai - 8001 (Original Mix) [Mau5trap]
LessThan3: Your new album has a few tracks that are not really considered dance music; how does your creative process differ from making albums versus club-ready singles?
Moguai: It wasn’t really a different process because it just happens in the making. I like different styles of music, especially handmade music, so it was natural. Some people would say that these are typical tracks to fill an album but for me it’s thinkable to make a single with “non-dance music tracks.“
LessThan3: How did your relationship develop with mau5trap? What effect has this had on your career?
Moguai: The summer of 2009 I sent some tracks to mau5trap, and Joel immediately signed several songs. So I thought, “Hey, if he likes the singles, why not an album?” So I sent him the album. I was sure that it had to be on mau5trap and no other label, and here we are–one year, several EPs and an album later. Of course the album had a great impact on my career in the last months, but there are still so many great things to come and so many great tracks to be released.
LessThan3: There are so few artists releasing music under the mau5trap label these days; will the label start signing more artists?
Moguai: Yes, there will definitely be more artists other than Deadmau5 releasing on mau5trap. Michael Woods had a great release recently, and there was also the collaboration between Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner Animal Rights.
LessThan3: What artists were your greatest influences when you first started to produce?
Moguai: Sven Väth’s Clubnight had a great influence on me. My sister used to listen to music from Nina Hagen to DAF who were always a bit than the public liking, so that influenced me as well.
LessThan3: You’ve recently released your own set of samples via Loopmaster that other producers and DJs can use; can you tell us a bit about this new venture?
Moguai: I always wanted to build my own set of samples and loops, so I am happy that Loopmasters came to me and gave me the opportunity. It’s not a vast amount of loops, but you can find all those sounds in my own productions. The sound is a bit more rough and edgy; the typical Moguai Punx sound.
LessThan3: If you could have any Loopmaster sample set from any producer past or present, what would you choose?
Moguai: I’ve always loved the sound of my homie Meat Katie, so his sample pack would be my choice.
LessThan3: Has working with Deadmau5 influenced your sound?
Moguai: Working with Deadmau5 influenced me in a way that has brought more emotion into my music. I like to call it “emotional vintage electro-punk rock.“
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