Aug 24, 2012

Tigran Mimosa has taken the bassy sound filling the EDM airwaves & turned it into a style all his own, thrilling audiences from Camp Bisco to Electric Forest. We spoke with Tigran at Outside Lands about his upcoming album, his Sexytime project, & some of his production secrets.

JMSN - Girl (I Used To Know) (MiM0SA Remix)
LessThan3: Are you excited about playing here in San Francisco?
Tigran: I’ve lived in the Bay Area for fifteen years, so this is like my meditation zone. This is where I come to chill and get grounded, so just to be able to play music out here is like heaven to me.
LessThan3: Do you play any differently when you play here?
Tigran: Well today it’s going to be tightly packed in because I only have fifty minutes. I’m very ADD with my DJ sets—in ninety minutes I may play eighty-five tracks. I’m excited to drop my new tracks and see how they react as well as some new stuff coming out on my label, False Idol.
LessThan3: What kind of music are you putting out on False Idol these days?
Tigran: The next release is going to be my Future Trill album.
LessThan3: Who’s one producer who you think everyone should be paying attention to?
Tigran: My best friend Sleepyhead is doing amazingly; people are probably already paying attention to him. I do Sexytime with him, as well.
LessThan3: Tell us more about the Sexytime project.
Tigran: Sexytime started about five years ago here in SF—we were staying at a friend’s house and started producing beats after we’d just met each other a month prior. We were using a DVD surround sound system to produce. The way we vibed in the studio was and is very organic; we inspire each other to make better music. We put out our first official EP, Naked Poetry, and just released a music video for the single Lost In Translation on Jay-Z’s blog. Our next single is called The Walk Of Shame.
LessThan3: Indica or sativa?
Tigran: I like indica because sativa doesn’t work for me.
LessThan3: How do you build the perfect trap kick?
Tigran: It’s all about layering your sounds—the more you layer and the more properly you compress and mix down everything, the better it gets. The one secret I give out is side-compress your kicks and put them at the right volume. Every note will sound bangin’ if you do that. That’s something I learned recently from a mixing engineer and it was a very helpful tip.
LessThan3: Did you know you wanted to be in the DJing/production line of work for a long time?
Tigran: Since I was sixteen years old.
LessThan3: What were the first tools you were using?
Tigran: Fruity Loops, then Reason, then Ableton, then Logic, and now I go back and forth between Ableton and Logic. I also DJ live in Ableton.
LessThan3: How do you feel about the transition from CDJ DJing to controllerism?
Tigran: The one big advantage is that, like I said before, in a ninety minute set I can play eighty tracks. It is very difficult to do that with CDJs or turntables. Mad props to everyone who is using CDJs and vinyl, but to mix several channels at once and do a true live performance is just a completely different artform.