Nov 04, 2011
Max Vangeli

San Francisco house master Max Vangeli skyrocketed to fame with the support of names like Steve Angello & Chris Lake. While preparing for the release of his upcoming album with musical partner AN21, he spoke with LT3 about the relationships that have defined his career.

Erick Morillo feat Shena - Nothing Better (AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix) [Subliminal]
LessThan3: Playing alongside Tiesto for New Year’s Eve was quite an accomplishment. What specifically are you putting into your music to have your career accelerate so quickly?
Max: Hard work, of course; I never stop working no matter what. Also, I try to have fun with it so it never feels like a job. It’s really hard to make music, so I just work at it all the time. I have amazing fans, which makes a huge difference.
LessThan3: A lot of attention is brewing over the release of your upcoming debut album with AN21 (Antoine). Tell us something about it that the fans may not expect.
Max: I think people will be surprised by how different the album is–every track is very unique. We tried to show the fans how we make a pretty wide range of stuff. It’s going to be fun getting this album out there.
LessThan3: How has Steve Angello’s support of your career assisted you on your way into fame? What can upcoming producers do to gain the attention of important players in the scene besides producing hits?
Max: Steve is a mentor for me. He has really taken care of me and Antoine; without his wisdom it would have taken us a lot longer to get to this level. It’s a lot of work that’s involved in this, that’s for sure. Just keep your head up and work hard!
LessThan3: Describe the symbiotic relationship you and AN21 have as a DJ/producer team.
Max: It’s like a family; we try to grow together under the same roof. It’s about helping each other and learning from each other. At the end of the day, making a successful DJ team work is about understanding and respecting each other.
LessThan3: What do you think of the role of MTV in the music world nowadays? Has their support of your career been something motivating you?
Max: MTV is an icon, so for me it’s an honor to have their support. I have a great relationship with the guys at MTV. They do a great job covering our industry as well as all of music and culture.
LessThan3: What’s on your mind as you’re looking onto a huge crowd getting down to your tracks?
Max: I turn off somehow. I have a switch where I go into this euphoric state, where I just let loose and enjoy the moment. I don’t think about how many people are in the club; I just work on building a connection with the fans.
LessThan3: Did the explosive wave of EDM in America surprise you or had you always seen it coming?
Max: I doubt anyone can say they saw it coming in such a big way, but either way I am very happy it happened. I got started in San Francisco, which has always been supportive of electronic music. It’s great to see it spreading out across America.
LessThan3: Tell us some of the best responses you’ve had from fans.
Max: I always love to make melodic stuff because it connects with people’s emotions so they appreciate it that much more. For me, the production goals have always been to start with melodies. I’ve had people tell me some pretty crazy stories about the music; it makes you appreciate how many people it touches, as you say. A girl whose country is going through some rough times told me that my music makes her forget about things.
LessThan3: Tell us some of the crucial moments that got you to where you are in your career.
Max: Pete Tong was the guy who actually played my first record and Chris Lake signed it. That was a big push for me. Steve Angello really took it to another level for me. Meeting Antoine is the most obvious one, though.
LessThan3: In your considerations of joining a label, which aspects or services they provide are most important to you?
Max: The most important aspect is the ability to grow an artist. The artist has to feel at home and have the freedom to be creative. It’s the beauty of being on SIZE for us, because me and Antoine really get to have the creative freedom. There are other good labels out there to look for as well. When you’re starting out, I know it’s hard to get signed to any labels at all, but as you get better known, you have more options.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Max: We Are the Champions, of course!
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Max: SIZE Matters.
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