Feb 05, 2011
Markus Schulz

A constant staple for trance and EDM fans alike, Markus Schulz is the quintessential role model for many aspiring DJs and producers and has defined for many what the trance genre is all about. Learn more about the legend in our exclusive LessThan3 interview.

Markus Schulz - Future Cities (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
LessThan3: What do you draw on as inspiration for producing your music?
Markus: I tend to channel my city inspirations into my mix CDs and save the others for artist albums. I do get hit by flashes of inspirations, and in some quite unusual places! Gigs are always a great source too. Sometimes you’ll catch the floor going particularly crazy to one section of a track–maybe one where you didn’t quite expect them to–and you’ll store that away and think, “Hmm, good one; I’ll remember that!”
LessThan3: Even though you may only be scheduled to perform for two hours, you often go on for four or more hours. What’s driving factor that propels you through these marathon sets? Do you prefer spinning at intimate clubs or massive arenas?
Markus: It’s only the big stadium events, festivals, etc. where I do less than three hours these days. My ethos is really the longer the set, the better. The longer you have behind the CDJs, the further you can travel with people musically. Intimate clubs or massive arenas? I’m not sure I could choose if between them if my life depended on it. They both offer completely different experiences, ones which I love equally.
LessThan3: Your album Dakota was a wonderful display of your more experimental talents. Any plans for a Dakota sequel or similar project?
Markus: I’ve been wavering on that question for nine months now, as I didn’t want to say until I was absolutely sure. Happy to confirm now though that there will 100% be a second Dakota album.
LessThan3: Musically, where do you see trance going over the next couple of years?
Markus: Hard to say. House and trance are converging at quite a rate. House sounds trancier and trance sounds housier. I believe “trouse” is the expression being used, though I’m not certain I’ll be using it all that often. It sounds like something unwanted you might pick up in the tropics!
LessThan3: What brought you to Miami and how have you seen the trance scene in America grow over the last few years?
Markus: I came over to the states with my parents when I was thirteen. The scene here has grown enormously, predominantly over the last three years. There was a time when I did wonder whether it would actually break out at all. Obviously it’s not over-ground huge here, nor is it likely to be (nor would I want it to be!). The difference in terms of clubs, arenas and festivals, though, is huge.
LessThan3: Having headlined at the biggest festivals in Los Angeles, such as TAO ’11, what keeps you coming back? How would you describe L.A.’s trance scene?
Markus: Well, it’s not a secret to anyone that LA ‘got’ trance before pretty much anyone else in the States. What keeps me coming back? The incredible quality of the gigs, both big and small, is what is holding the club scene steady, but the festival and arena side is still blowing up.
LessThan3: What factors do you use to evaluate which country should be used for your yearly compilation albums?
Markus: Well take this year’s album, Prague. First off, I look for elevation in an area. Doesn’t necessarily have to be in the trance world’s eyes, but I think with Prague and Eastern Europe, most DJs are thinking the same thing. It’s gotten pretty damn big over there. Staging one in Prague is a bit overdue actually, but I’ve been very North American focused for the last two years, reflecting what’s been going on there. Also, it’s great to be able to tailor your sets to an area. Eastern Europe really likes the more pumping side of what I play and I think that comes through on the new one. Overall though, it just has to be a place that speaks to me.
LessThan3: What is the perfect way to end a night post-set?
Markus: Well first of all I like to grab a drink and have a chat with whoever’s around with my flight schedule permitting. Then I jump on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media on-hand and kind of use it to ease myself down into a hopefully restful state. And then I crash!
LessThan3: If the world were to end in LessThan3 minutes what song would you listen to?
Markus: Easy. Touch Me by Rui de Silva . Timeless!
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Markus: Audacious, rambunctious!
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