Apr 12, 2011
Judge Jules

Judge Jules, aka Julius O’Riordan, is one of the most recognizable veteran acts of EDM. Known for his melding of genres over a consistent trance sound, the UK DJ has certainly crafted a unique name for himself. Learn more about the man behind the decks in our exclusive interview.

Judge Jules - Verano Loco (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
LessThan3: Why do you think it took the American crowd so long to embrace EDM?
Julius: I think the 21 drinking age makes a big difference in the US scene. In the rest of the world, where the drinking age is 18, people can have their clubbing experiences from an earlier age; in the United States it’s delayed by a few years. Having said that, the crowd, especially on the West Coast, really knows the music, but at the same time is very willing to be educated.
LessThan3: You’re a regular at festivals and huge venues–is there an art to getting a massive crowd going?
Julius: DJing at big events requires more forward planning than a regular club set. Once you have that element locked it gives you more time to work on interacting with the crowd, which is equally important to your tracklist.
LessThan3: What’s it like to have a residency in Ibiza? For our readers who have never been out there, how would you describe the culture and scene on the island?
Julius: Ibiza is the highlight of every leading global DJ’s year. I started my weekly club night (Judgment Sundays) over ten years ago and love the party atmosphere of the island; I’m getting excited just talking about it. Ibiza is the clubbing epicenter of the world. All the biggest DJs play there, and over the course of any seven-day period throughout the summer, the cream of the world’s EDM talent can be found at one or more of the seven legendary clubs on the island.
LessThan3: You are one of the few DJs that can pretty much mix any genre together, from trance to DnB. When you’re that diverse with your selection, how structured do you have to be in order to pull off a smooth set?
Julius: With lots of gigs and ample road-testing opportunities, I generally have a good idea of which tracks are going to work together. Most ventures out of my genre mainstay of trance are my own bootlegs, which incorporate both trance and other styles, i.e. dnb, rather than going off on a complete musical tangent.
LessThan3: So your preferred genre to spin is trance?
Julius: My first love is and always has been trance, although I like the rhythm of house as a percussive undertone to some of the trance tracks I play.
LessThan3: Back in the beginnings of your career you worked on a pirate radio station called Kiss.fm. Knowing your past history, what do you think of the current situation of the music industry and the popularity of file-sharing and piracy?
Julius: Pirate radio and music piracy are two very different things. Music piracy will always be around but is damaging to the livelihoods of many in the music industry. However, it’s here to stay and we’ve gotta live with it. Pirate radio on the other hand is young, positive and radical. It’s a great way for young DJs to promote what they love and that’s something I’m all about.
LessThan3: You studied law back in the day. Has this helped your career in the music industry? Have you ever talked to Armin van Buuren about his dabbling as a law student?
Julius: I have spoken to Armin on a few occasions about our law studies and “compared notes.” However, it was a long time ago for both of us. For me, my law schooling was very handy in the days of promoting illegal raves, especially when the police turned up!
LessThan3: What’s it like being a BBC Radio 1 DJ?
Julius: Having my own international radio show is something I’m very thankful for, and being able to showcase new music to the world every week is very rewarding.
LessThan3: If you had LessThan3 minutes to live, what song would you listen to?
Julius: Higher State Of Consciousness by Josh Wink; that would certainly make for a smooth transition between life and death.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Julius: Chunky, thumping & uplifting!
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