Jul 26, 2011
Infected Mushroom

Israeli psy-rockers Infected Mushroom essentially invented the genre of rock trance, and since then they have become a “gateway band” for many a new EDM fan. Find out about the evolution of their tracks in our exclusive interview with member Duvdev.

Infected Mushroom - Noon (Original Mix) [PMI]
LessThan3: How do you feel knowing that your music acts as an introduction to electronic music for many listeners? How’d that end up happening?
Duvdev: Of course, it is very humbling. How did it end up happening? Not sure… hard work? Haha!
LessThan3: Who were some of your earlier influences?
Duvdev: We have always enjoyed groups like Primus, Metallica, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and Pendulum.
LessThan3: Your sound appeals greatly to listeners that aren’t otherwise too familiar with psytrance. Who are some other artists, both new and old, who you would personally recommend to your listeners?
Duvdev: You can check out Skrillex, Astrix, Eitan “Fatali” Carmi, and Randy Seidman for starters!
LessThan3: Your following from your home country of Israel is huge. Tell us about fan loyalty there and what that means to you guys.
Duvdev: It is an amazing feeling to come from a place where everyone is behind you. When we play in Israel, whether it is massive arenas, parks, universities or hangars, we always have an insane audience full of energy. Also, when we travel to all reaches of the globe–Russia, Mexico, South America–you name it, there is always someone with an Israeli flag. That’s pride!
LessThan3: Where do you see psytrance going in the future? Where do you see your sound going specifically?
Duvdev: Psytrance is always evolving. Now, many of the huge psy artists who were instrumental in building our scene are moving toward more of a progressive sound; they are adapting to the masses. Maybe some will follow us down a path of versatility. We are making breaks, dubstep, rock, and trance, all heavily influenced by our psy roots. The future belongs to us all, and its limitations are only as great as we make them.
LessThan3: Where did your name come from?
Duvdev: Actually, we jacked it from an Israeli punk band that broke up a long time ago!
LessThan3: If you had to guess, how many shows has Infected Mushroom played?
Duvdev: Using an annual average of 115 shows over nearly fifteen years (which is a conservative estimate), I’d have to say close to 2000 performances since we began the Infected Mushroom project.
LessThan3: Tell us about your single Pink Nightmares. Is the version you played live for the first time different from the one that will end up being released?
Duvdev: The version we play has definitely evolved (much like all of our tracks). The version that’s exported first of any track is never the same as the version we play live months or years later, and that version is definitely different from the album version. Music should be treated as living art.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Duvdev: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, I wouldn’t be listening to music.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Duvdev: Rock Trance.
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