Oct 25, 2010
Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten, one of the most influential and longest-standing top trance DJs in the world, continues to add to his legacy. LessThan3 snags some of his time to discuss Once Upon A Night, his “Pulse” moniker, and some of the changing trends in trance, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Ferry Corsten - Brain Box (Original Mix) [Maelstrom]
LessThan3: Being a trance legend and having had a well-established career for over fifteen years, you have been witness to the genre’s evolution. How do feel the genre has changed from when you started until now?
Ferry: Like all music, trance changes too. Nowadays it’s not strange for me to combine some house sounds with trance breaks and play them in my sets. I can play anything now as long as it’s good music. I don’t need to start at 135bpm; I can start at 128bpm so I can play house tunes too. As long as they fit in my sets, I’ll play them.
LessThan3: Your spectacular Twice In A Blue Moon tour has left an unforgettable impact on a whole new generation of trance fans in the United States. What are your thoughts about the growing appreciation for trance and EDM as a whole in North America?
Ferry: It’s great to see that the genre is getting more attention. Like I said in the above question, house and even pop music have trance influences. Just listen to the new single by Rihanna-–Only Girl (In The World). The chorus is filled with pure trance sounds. A lot of listeners may not be aware of this but now they know!
LessThan3: Now that Once Upon A Night: Vol 2 has been released, what more can you tell us about the compilation? What do you hope to achieve with it and with your upcoming global tour Once Upon A Night: The Experience as a whole?
Ferry: The album has been compiled like a good night out. You start the night laid back and finish it with a bang–like any good party night should be. The club tour and The Experience are all about that. We give the crowd a perfect night out. Every night starts like a fairytale–“Once Upon A Night.” With The Experience, the audience gets a six-hour spectacle. I’ll be accompanied by two other big names and with them I’ll be taking the audience on a musical and visual journey.
LessThan3: You’re a producer of many aliases, and we’ve recently seen the birth of a new one in “Pulse” which showcases your more progressive side. What gave you the drive to move toward this new sound?
Ferry: The “Pulse” alias came up as I was making music specially produced for Pulse: The Game. The sound had to vary from house to trance to tech house so I decided to try something. I first came up with Rendition–a tough tech trance track with electro influences and Once, an epic trancer. For the new compilation I produced Festival which is the more housey side of me, so I do all different styles under my “Pulse” alias.
LessThan3: You have recently been providing new artists with opportunities to get their own sound out with your System F Remix Competition & both Once Upon A Night compilations. Where do you feel these up-and-comers are taking the genre of trance? Are you excited to be a part of that?
Ferry: It’s always nice to see what other producers do with your original productions. When we decided to re-release the Out Of The Blue album I decided not remix any of the tracks but leave it up to other established producers like Tiesto, Laidback Luke, and Giuseppe Ottaviani. Then we had the System F competition where everybody had the chance to remix. We had some very interesting remixes submitted. The winning remixes got a release on the FC System F – The Champions album.
LessThan3: You recently worked on a track with Armin van Buuren for his new artist album called Minack. Do you feel a sense of camaraderie with your fellow trance counterparts? How do you feel your styles complement theirs in the trance world as a whole?
Ferry: I am a man of melodies and I think Armin is too. When a track has no story to tell it’s not my thing to play in my sets. But in the end we all want the same–to produce and play the best music around at the moment.
LessThan3: We’ve heard you have a potential new artist album in the works for 2011. What kind of sounds and styles can we expect?
Ferry: When I am not touring I spend every hour in the studio. Festival is one of the new tracks that might end up at the album. This is a different style then most people are used to hearing from me–more the housey side of me than the trancey side. Keep an eye out for the new album; I hope to release it in the first half of 2011.
LessThan3: You have always encouraged high-quality productions on your label Flashover Recordings. Do you have any upcoming releases you are particularly excited about?
Ferry: The new compilation is filled with high-quality producers. Some tracks were signed a couple of months ago but we had to keep them exclusive for the compilation. Some of the tracks get a single release with a remix and a radio edit.
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