Nov 17, 2011
Erik Arbores

Who says 14 is too young to start a career? Dutch house/pop prodigy Erik Arbores began in Classical music, but quickly found his passion in the EDM realm, & already has the support of mega-label Armada. Read on to see what Erik had to say to us about the current state of pop.

Erik Arbores - Take It (Original Mix) [Zouk]
LessThan3: How did you become involved with EDM at such a young age?
Erik: I got involved in music in general when I started playing the piano when I was four years old. At first, I played Classical pieces, but I quickly got into playing pop songs I heard on the radio. It didn’t take long until I wanted to compose music on the piano myself, because I didn’t really know about creating music on the computer. Later on, my parents bought FL Studio, and that’s when I started creating electronic music.
LessThan3: Do you want to be classified in a specific genre, or do you view yourself as being a multigenre artist?
Erik: The Take It EP I’ve released is mainly progressive house, but I do include elements of trance and electro. In other tracks I also experiment with dubstep and drum’n’bass elements, because it’s great to combine different genres. I also produce a lot of pop music, in which I include EDM influences, so I think I can say I’m a multi-genre artist.
LessThan3: Dance music seems to be exploding exponentially–some say trance will take over the mainstream, others house, others dubstep. What genre do you predict will become the face of dance?
Erik: I think, and hope, a crossover genre of the three, mix with pop music, will become mainstream music. I think house is a bit on the lead at the moment, with pop artists mixing pop and house–Rihanna’s Only Girl (In The World) and We Found Love with Calvin Harris, for example. Dubstep is coming up as well at the moment, with artists like Britney Spears involving it in pop–the break of Hold It Against Me could be considered dubstep, for instance. I can’t say for sure; this is just what it seems to become at the moment and what I hope will be the future.
LessThan3: Music production technology has greatly advanced in recent years. As a producer are there any new elements or tools you’re looking for? What do you feel needs to be improved or implemented?
Erik: There is so much technology improving and developing, there’s nothing that, for me, needs to be improved at the current time!
LessThan3: Where do you view yourself in three years?
Erik: I can’t really predict what’s going to happen in three years; there is so much that has happened these past six months that I could never have imagined before. Hopefully by that time I will have released a lot of great tracks, and worked with some great pop artists!
LessThan3: Who do you look up to in the EDM world?
Erik: Avicii, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, Hardwell, Dave Audé, Afrojack, and Chuckie are some of my biggest influences.
LessThan3: What video games do you play?
Erik: I don’t have a lot of time for video games at the moment, but sometimes I play Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, or the race game DiRT.
LessThan3: What’s your dream collaboration?
Erik: My dream collab is either a house track with Avicii or David Guetta (or both would be even better of course), or a pop track with one the big names in pop industry at the moment like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Erik: Well that’s a very difficult question. Luckily, there is too much music I love to choose from!
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Erik: Dynamic, melodic, multi-genre.
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