Aug 13, 2011

When Canada’s Datsik rolls up to your venue, you know it’s time for an onslaught of bass. Now eager to explore new sounds, LessThan3 caught up with Troy at EDC vegas to talk with him about his work with Bassnectar, Canadian beer, and his thoughts on the different sounds of dubstep.

Datsik - Retreat (Excision Remix) [Rottun]
LessThan3: You had a dank set at this year’s EDC! How do you think it went?
Troy: I thought it was dope! I believe this is the third or fourth one I’ve played so far, and every single one has been f*cking awesome. Best part is I’ve got all my friends here with me [in Vegas] so it doesn’t even feel like I’m working! It’s just more like a big party and everyone’s having a good time. I thought my set went alright–at the beginning I was doing a bunch of cuts with the fader. First thing in my set, I snapped one of the faders off and I was scrambling back and forth trying to get it all together but it eventually all worked out. [Laughs]
LessThan3: You’ve started putting out some new material–is it building toward a new album or EP?
Troy: I’m considering doing an album right now. My approach to it, though, is not going to be as a dubstep album; it’s gonna be everything. I’ve been making a bunch of electro and mid-tempo stuff, and I’m trying to get a little experimental with my style but still keep the hype factor. It’s pretty fun!
LessThan3: Tracks like Retreat and Swagga helped define dubstep as a genre. How do you feel about that and what do you think about the course dubstep has taken?
Troy: I think it’s totally insane how far it has come. I feel honored that people think that way, at least in North America. The fact is, I’m standing here in front of what, six or seven thousand people and it’s just insane. Dubstep is so infectious and it’s so dope to see everyone enjoying the music.
LessThan3: What’s your favorite beer?
Troy: Kokanee. I’m Canadian and they don’t have it down here in Vegas but…definitely Kokanee.
LessThan3: Who inspired you to start producing?
Troy: I would say Bassnectar was my main influence. When I was first starting I listened to pretty much all types of dubstep, but obviously I was more into the harder stuff. I really liked people like Bar 9 and Rusko. These days I’m really starting to appreciate the more melodic kind of stuff; I feel like if you can get a crowd going off melodies then it’s almost better than making some ridiculous filthy bass. But if you have both, it’s twice as good.
LessThan3: What inspired you to remix MGMT’s track Kids? Have you played it out at clubs? How has the response been to that tune?
Troy: The Kids remix was actually inspired by a snowboard video called “That’s it, That’s all.” I’ve always been big into snowboarding; before music, snowboarding was my entire life. When I heard it, I loved it and definitely thought it could work on a dancefloor, and it totally does!
LessThan3: What was it like to work with Bassnectar on your tune YES? Was it a more gratifying process than remixing one of his songs?
Troy: Working with Bassnectar was basically my number one thing to do on my list when from when I started making EDM. I was so nervous finally getting the chance to meet him and chill with him. I had no clue what my idol was going to be like in real life, but he is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met; he gives big DJs a good name. On top of that he is a bank of knowledge, so when we’re not talking music he always has good advice for me and my career and is just a cool person to talk to on any other level as well. Working with him has, and will continue to be awesome; we’re gonna keep banging them out!
LessThan3: What genre outside of EDM would you say dubstep identifies best with?
Troy: I would probably say hip hop, because it’s got SWAG! But then you could also say metal because from time to time you will find kids moshing out, or you could say jazz for all the more melodic, soulful stuff… but I don’t really know. I think that’s why I am so in love with it, because of the fact that it’s a mix of all of the above!
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Troy: I’d probably say Moonchild by M83. It’s so downtempo and melancholy that it’d be kind of a great way to send me off to the afterlife in a good mood.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Troy: Cyber Robofunk.
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