Jan 15, 2012
Bart B More

Bart van der Meer, aka Bart B More, is a DJ who knows what sounds he likes–in fact, he only drops his own records at his shows. Learn more about the influence of techno, Boys Noize, and Laidback Luke on Bart’s music in our exclusive interview with this prolific artist.

Cubic Zirconia - Take Me High (Bart B More Remix) [Fool's Gold]
LessThan3: How would you describe your style when you play live?
Bart: I actually only play music that I make myself. Only original Bart B More productions and remixes!
LessThan3: Tell us about your tune The Bass that you made with Drop The Lime.
Bart: I’ve known Luca for quite awhile. We were playing shows together and we just became friends. I was in New York a few months ago and we got in the studio to make the tune The Bass, then later I finished it back in my studio in Holland. The track I made with AC Slater on the same release, Cry Baby, started when he and I were playing a show together. As we were hanging out in the hotel we shared some drafts we both made and decided to combine some ideas.
LessThan3: Who are your main production influences?
Bart: I’m very inspired by early Chicago house and French house producers like Daft Punk. I also really like what Boys Noize did combining electro house and techno. In the early years of Laidback Luke’s career he helped me a lot with my producing. With new genres coming up you can always draw inspiration from that too. However, I started out doing house music; that’s my first love, so I think my sound will always have that house vibe.
LessThan3: How long have you been producing music?
Bart: I’ve been producing for eleven years; I started when I was fifteen. I’m not sure if you could call it producing at the time, but I was fooling around with beats.
LessThan3: What do you think is the number one piece of technology that has changed the EDM scene?
Bart: I would say the Internet because kids were able to download software to make music. Before that you had to go into a studio. The Internet made music technology available to anyone.
LessThan3: You’ve been touring extensively across the States. How would you say the scene here has changed in the last few years?
Bart: It just became way bigger! Mainstream pop music in USA really got influenced by electronic dance music. When I listen to the radio in the States I can hear a lot of early euro dance influence. I think it’s cool because it reaches a wider audience so more people can get into EDM. It’s basically easier for someone who already likes that kind of pop stuff to get into my stuff. The festivals are also getting bigger and bigger; I’m starting to wonder where the limit is!
LessThan3: Has Europe seen that limit yet?
Bart: In Holland there are actually less parties now. We have such a rich dance music scene in the Netherlands that we used to have parties everywhere all the time. However, now the Dutch are not going to every festival and instead only go to the best ones.
LessThan3: Do you have any major releases or albums coming out in the near future?
Bart: I’m working on my album right now. I’ve played a lot of early stuff in my sets recently and I’m really happy about the reactions. It should be finished very soon!
LessThan3: What roles do you feel record labels play in today’s industry and in what direction do you see the music industry moving towards?
Bart: It’s hard for labels to stay relevant today because a lot of DJs play records and they don’t even know the label the record is from. Some labels are creating a kind of lifestyle and a scene for the music they put out, and I think that’s the way to do it today. Quality will always be on top. Big labels will jump on quality music.
LessThan3: What do you look for in a record label?
Bart: I would need them to be able to get my music to a wide audience. Also a great label usually has a large following so that’s why I was glad to release my track Brap on Boysnoize. Since it was on his label, Boys Noize played the track a lot, so a lot of people got to hear it.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Bart: Funky Energy.
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