Dec 24, 2011
Armin van Buuren

Many EDM fans first got into the genre because of Armin van Buuren. His record-breaking four years atop the DJMag poll & tireless work ethic have made him one of the most influential figures in the history of EDM. We at LT3 are honored to present you this interview.

Armin van Buuren feat Adam Young - Youtopia (Original Mix) [Armada]
LessThan3: We know you have a law degree; what was your reasoning behind completing this degree even after you became so successful with your music? What advantages has your degree served you in the music industry?
Armin: It was sort of a deal I did with my dad: I could do whatever I wanted as long as I finished my degree. I never had the stress of having to make money for a living with music, so music has always been a hobby more or less. It gave me absolute creative freedom. My degree also helped me a lot in my later career! I co-own Armada Music and Cloud 9 Music so it’s handy to know quite a bit about tax laws, company structures and copyright laws.
LessThan3: Your recent collaboration with David Guetta shows that you are a man who is willing to look past the boundaries of classic trance sounds. What do you think are the main factors influencing the current blurring of genres that is occurring in the scene? How important do you think it is for current and older dance music DJs and fans to embrace this?
Armin: I think the “blurring” of genres is a thing that has been happening for years already. The problem with genres is this: if you order a hamburger at McDonald’s or Burger King in ten years, you know it will still taste the same in ten years. With music, tastes are constantly changing, and this is a good thing; it’s called evolution. The Beatles listened to Bob Dylan. Music wouldn’t survive without this evolution because otherwise everything would sound the same and everybody would be bored of it. I mean, you don’t watch movies in black and white anymore do you? On the other hand, I’ve been a trance DJ for years now and I don’t plan on abandoning ship, but I do look at the route it takes.
LessThan3: Not only are you one of the hardest working men in the world, but you are also now a father! Is it difficult balancing your two roles?
Armin: Yeah it is, and it doesn’t go without struggle. But fortunately I have a lovely wife who is very understanding and a great team of people who take most of the touring problems away. It’s the jetlag that is the hardest, though.
LessThan3: Can you discuss some of the emotional struggle you faced during the aftermath of Love Parade?
Armin: I didn’t play the Love Parade that year, but everybody in the scene was hurt by it. I teamed up with Paul van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold for Remember Love, a track we did for the families of the victims. It was number one on several portals, so I think we at least did something, but I still feel very sad about it all.
LessThan3: Avicii’s remix of your tune Drowning is absolutely beautiful. What do you have to say about this rising Swede, and do you have any future plans for another collaboration?
Armin: It’s amazing to see the FL Studio generation taking over. These guys grew up with this software and know it better than anything else. At the moment I have no plans for more collaborations, but who knows?
LessThan3: And now the question your American fans all want to know after the unfortunate cancellation–will there be another Armin Only show in the US?
Armin: The most honest answer I can give is no, unfortunately not. The show is too expensive to travel. With travel and a crew of over 40 people to make it happen with dancers, singers, directors, and stage-managers, it’s a very ambitious show, maybe even a little too ambitious. But I do think we’ll include multiple US cities in the 2013 tour, so stay tuned!.
LessThan3: What role do you think Facebook will continue to play in thrusting artists into the limelight? Are there any other platforms or web technologies you think will play a role in making artists famous in the coming year?
Armin: Facebook is a very smart and great tool to promote your music to your fans. My Facebook fans are extremely loyal, and I love them for it! It’s part of everyday life now. You know, brushing teeth, drinking coffee, and checking Facebook. I have really high hopes for Spotify! This could save the entire music industry!
LessThan3: Will A State of Trance ever have its final episode, or would you like to continue with it for the rest of your life?
Armin: The show is still growing in popularity apparently. As long as the music keeps evolving like it is, I will continue and I don’t see any reason to slow it down.
LessThan3: In your honest opinion as one of the biggest DJs in the world, what do you think about LessThan3 and the quality of our product?
Armin: I think you guys run an amazing site that’s very “now” and has all the hot producers and stories. Love the links with Facebook, YouTube, and everything. I’m a fan! Bookmark!
LessThan3: Where do you see the sound of trance heading in the future? How do you see this affecting the current trance fanbase?
Armin: I think 2011 has proven to be another massive year for trance music, with tracks like An Angel’s Love, Between the Rays, We Control the Sunlight, Around the World, and many, many more. These will be classics forever. The trance fanbase is still growing, and I feel cool trance is going more underground, which is what we all love!
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Armin: Codes by the Orb from their album The Dream.
LessThan3: Describe your sound in LessThan3 words.
Armin: Forever Trance
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