Mar 21, 2014

Berlin-based French house/techno trio Apollonia–consisting of Dan Ghenacia, Shonky, and Dyed Soundorom, each a formidable talent on their own–chat with us about their history, preparations for Miami Music Week, and their debut album due out in October.

Apollonia - Live At Fabric London 2013
LessThan3: For those that are not familiar, where did the name Apollonia come from?
Apollonia: It’s a reference to the ’80s girl band Apollonia 6, who were produced by Prince and featured in the film Purple Rain. Apollonia is the love interest and lead singer of the band that offers Prince the infamous white guitar.
LessThan3: Where do your roots lie in the dance music world?
Dan: My first experience with dance music was a massive rave in 1992 in Paris. I bought a pair of turntables soon thereafter.
Shonky: My first club experiences were in 1998, but I was introduced to electronic music via a friend sharing compilations.
Dyed Soundorom: My first experiences were in 1997, mostly in clubs. I was turned onto dance music via my brother, who had brought home some tapes from raves he attended.
LessThan3: Which contemporary musicians do you admire today?
Dan: The last Daft Punk album wasn’t really electronic, it’s more of a rock/disco album, but it really touched my heart.
LessThan3: Tell us your thoughts about your set at BPM 2014 at Fusion. We were there and consider it one of the highlights of the festival.
Apollonia: The cool thing was that we got a chance to play an eight-hour set. The capacity of the place and the weather situation took us to a vibe where we played really intimate music for a smaller crowd. It’s not common to get booked to play a long set in North or South America, so we loved being able to do it.
LessThan3: Touring can be an exhausting experience, but what is your favorite thing about traveling to play music?
Apollonia: Getting a massage at the spa in whatever city we’re in currently.
LessThan3: What can we expect from Apollonia the label and the act in 2014 and beyond?
Apollonia: We have been in the studio working on our full-length album. It should be finished in a month or two and it will be released in October, followed by a five-month world tour to support it, the first five weeks of which will be America.
LessThan3: Miami Music Week is just around the corner. Where can fans catch the Apollonia experience?
Apollonia: We’re doing two parties as Apollonia. The first is March 24 at Treehouse, along with Jovonn from New York, who is releasing a record on the label in a month. It’s a big deal for us to have Jovonn, as he has inspired us for many years with his music, going back to the
’90s. The other appearance is at Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. event at Ice Palace Studios.
LessThan3: What’s the oddest or worst request you’ve ever received while DJing?
Apollonia: “What time are you going to play the new Rihanna?”
LessThan3: What is your favorite shows as a trio in the last couple of years?
Apollonia: That one’s easy. Circo Loco in Ibiza, Panorama Bar in Berlin, and Fabric in London.
LessThan3: If the world were ending in LessThan3 minutes, and you had an iPod with every song ever made on it, what would you listen to?
Apollonia: Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley.
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