Feb 20, 2011
12th Planet

California king of dubstep 12th Planet, aka John Dadzie, is a staple of the wobble movement who is constantly pushing the genre into uncharted territory. Check out LessThan3’s exclusive interview with the man whose beats knock you into another orbit.

Rye Rye & M.I.A. - Sunshine (12th Planet Remix)
LessThan3: Recent event Wobbleland was a true display of the dubstep scene in San Francisco. What did you think of the show compared with others around the U.S.? In general what makes a show really stand out to you?
John: Wobbleland was a lot of fun, and it was the marking of a new generation of dubstep. SF is not new to dubstep; in fact it was one of the first cities to even have a dubstep night in USA called “Grime City.” The difference between the two SF eras are the age demographic. I noticed a lot of teens and early twenty-somethings totally losing themselves to the music. It was much more underground five or six years ago. In all, Wobbleland was a larger version of most dubstep shows outside of California. Most cities are 18+ now, and I think it’s the only way parties make sense for these guys booking tours.
LessThan3: What will it take to differentiate yourself among the growing list of dubstep artists in 2011?
John: I think I am mostly different from other dubstep artists ’cause of my swag. Ain’t nobody got swag like 12th!
LessThan3: What one track do you depend on as a secret weapon to melt the crowds’ faces off?
John: That 16-bit remix of Borgore’s track Foes works every time!
LessThan3: How do you think the sound of dubstep will evolve? Keep the wob and switch the beat, or find a new sample and keep the groove?
John: Dubstep is always evolving. The best thing about dubstep is the fact that it’s constantly taking sounds from different genres and mixing them up in a giant salad bowl. Dubstep can be anything at the 140 bpm range as long as it has elements of half time, and some distinct sounds that helped shape the genre. As long as new producers come in with fresh ideas, the genre should stay relevant for a long time.
LessThan3: You’ve been dropping wobbly bombs everywhere this past year. What was your favorite gig?
John: EDC 2010 by a landslide victory.
LessThan3: Some hardcore hip hop fans are feeling threatened by the wave of dubstep and electronic music in general. What would you say to help convince them to open up?
John: I am a hardcore fan of hip hop, and I don’t feel threatened by dubstep at all. In fact I welcome any other genre to push the boundaries further. It gets me excited to think of all the possibilities of new styles of music influenced by hip hop and reggae subculture.
LessThan3: If you had LessThan3 minutes to live, what song would you listen to?
John: Earl Sweatshirt – EARL by Earl Sweatshirt.