Jun 21, 2012
Interstellar Transmission
Craig Meichan - Interstellar (Philip Estevez Remix) [Fraction]
Craig Meichan - Interstellar (Original Mix) [Fraction]

This is not your mother’s standard tech trance bassline, broken only by random sound effects; this one has a spring in its step. Courtesy of UK newcomer Craig Meichan, Interstellar is a high-energy, bouncy tech trance track with character. Its break completely bottoms out in energy, going from tech storm down to nothing but subdued plucks that timidly poke at the faint melody filtering in behind them. Then the main lead of the break bursts into life without warning, no holds barred.

The Philip Estevez remix is a little less polished, which isn’t a bad thing—it’s as if someone took a sheet of sandpaper and swiped it across the original mix, making it both a bit less neat and a bit grittier. Instead of the tight, driving original bassline, this one paces itself more subtlely. This mix inserts a very typically pretty piano melody before the main part of the break, but the power of the lead is fortunately undiminished. All told, Interstellar is a solid offering from tech trance haven Fraction Records.

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