Apr 30, 2015
Instagram Unveils @Music

Instagram has revealed @music, the first-ever handle on the platform that will be solely dedicated to providing a specific brand of content, in this instance focusing on musicians.

CEO and Founder Kevin Systrom wrote in a post on the company’s blog that “The music community is––and always has been––an important part of Instagram. For the past four years, we have become the home for artists big and small––a place where people across the musical spectrum come to share stories, reveal their creativity and connect directly with fans.”

Each week @music will host 11 series and six posts, running from Tuesday to Sunday, to highlight different artists, with the first being Questlove. In addition, according to Systrom @music will highlight “music photographers, album illustrators, instrument makers and, of course, fans. In the Instagram tradition, we will also welcome community participation with a new, music-themed Monthly Hashtag Project.”

“One of our goals with this is to say, ‘How can we help facilitate artist discovery?'” Jonathan Hull, head of strategic partnerships/music for Facebook and Instagram, said. “We know these artists are creating companions to their live show, as an extension of their creativity, so how do we make sure more people are seeing that?”

The popular image-sharing platform, which was purchased by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, currently has 300 million active users, of which more than 25 percent of the app’s top accounts are musicians.

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