Aug 04, 2015
UPDATE: Instagram Restores Just 1 Page Of ‘EDM’ Hashtag, Cites Abuse

UPDATE: Hashtag “EDM” looks to have been restored to search results on Instagram, but only partially.

After being deactivated as a search term and rendered effectively useless for violating nudity policies, “#EDM” is searchable once again, however only for about three dozen photos, after which it cuts off with the following message:

“Recent posts from #edm are temporarily hidden because of some abuse we’ve seen. Learn more.”

It seems that the sometimes risque hashtag is either on probation of sorts or just blew it right out of the gate like a career criminal. No official statement has been issued by Instagram with regard to “#EDM” returning to search results or being limited to one page.

The often controversial, increasingly ambiguous acronym “EDM”–originally coined for “electronic dance music”–found opposition today from a new source when Instagram revealed it added the term to its list of banned hashtags, citing too much skin.

Thanks to an EDMSauce find today, we now know that Instagram has made “#EDM” unsearchable, adding it to a long list of hashtags that are essentially useless without eligibility for search results.

TIME Magazine reached Instagram spokesperson Gabe Madway for further explanation.

“In this case, #EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity,” he said. Madway added that Instagram is working on a way to more quickly restore hashtags that have previously been blocked, and to better communicate its policies around hashtags.

Until then, “#EDM” is exiled to Insta’s blacklist along with “#boobs,” “#weed,” and of course, “#nude.” The most recent hashtag to make a comeback from banishment was “#curvy” which supporters claim is used to promote a healthy body image.

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