Aug 27, 2014
Insomniac Announces BOO, A Halloween Massive In Brooklyn

East coast ravers have a new option for their Halloween haunt this year when Insomniac busts out Boo, a brand new one-night event coming to Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn Oct. 31.

Insomniac’s editorial team shared the news today along with several wicked-good horror puns on their site, but no information has been made available beyond the event’s location and date of Halloween, in addition to it being 18-and-over.

Boo should also scare Made Event and parent company SFX, as this is Insomniac’s first foray into the East coast Halloween game and could be a deliberate attempt to frighten off Robert Sillerman’s event giant. According to SFX’ most recent quarterly report, SFX and mass media company Clear Channel have plans to “… host two new EMC (Electronic Music Culture) festivals near Halloween in 2015.” An annual report released in December lays out the company’s currently held trademarks, including an interesting spin-off on Electric Zoo: “Electric Boo.”

sfx report 2013

By launching this year, Insomniac will get a 12-month jump on Made and SFX while effectively derailing their brand concept by taking the term “Boo” for themselves.

Read Insomniac’s post here, and check back for more info on Boo.

Jacob Marmor contributed to this report

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