Sep 10, 2014
Insomniac Unveils BOO! Halloween Lineup

Insomniac announced a creepy cast of supporting villains today to aid headliners Knife Party in striking fear into the hearts of fans during BOO! at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn this Halloween.

The inaugural BOO! is Insomniac’s first venture into East Coast Halloween game, and they’re coming with a horrific horde of musical monsters. Knife Party will be joined by mad house scientist Tchami, sadistic speaker-slayer Tommy Trash, the slithering, venomous DJ Snake, Slow Roast ringleader Craze, and the two-headed trap horror Milo & Otis.

Pick up tickets when they go on sale Sept. 12 at 12 noon ET (9 a.m. PT) (18+).

boo insomniac lineup 2014

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