Jun 21, 2013
Inpetto Calls All Girls & Boys
Inpetto - Girls & Boys (Original Mix) [Doorn]

The brothers from Germany who identify themselves as Inpetto have just released their latest single on Doorn Records called Girls & Boys. Their unyielding productions and drive for quality have turned the heads of major DJs and producers in the scene. Snatching up a nearly 20-year-old vocal sample from London band Blur, the boys have transformed the idea into a catchy and danceable bomb.

Saying this track will be one of the most recognizable tunes of the year is an understatement. The unmistakable vocal will be echoing throughout the festival crowds for months to come. The lead delivers a quality synth that screams amidst the driving percussion and white noise. Adding the vibrato on the end of the third and fourth bars of the lead add a unique touch that we are familiar with from this duo. Pick this release up on Beatport today.

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