Mar 22, 2012
Informant Glows Up
Informant - First Harvest (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Osaka (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Millien (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Zero Crossing (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Aftertaste (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Aftertaste (Riot Class Remix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Osaka (Cenix & Hivemynd Remix) [LessThan3]

At just 20 years old, Rory Garton-Smith, aka Informant, uniquely and ever-so-articulately speaks through his bass-driven music in a manner well beyond his years. We got a glimpse of his style in one of our first episodes of the Heartbeat podcast, and today are proud to release his first official EP, Glowing Up. Seven tracks deep (5 originals, 2 remixes included), this EP immediately asserts Informant as a player in today’s competitive club-crunching bass game.

The release opens with First Harvest, a Classical-inspired tune that sets the pace for the EP, both in smashing power and originality. With an incredible gulping bass and an anthemic synth, this is the perfect dubstep tune for an outdoor festival. Osaka is the drum’n’bass track for both die-hards and those who have trouble finding something in the still segregated genre. With an upbringing in Perth, Australia it should come as no surprise that Informant really gets the ins and outs of d’n’b, as this tune artistically utilizes a roaring bassline while teetering the line between aggressive and welcoming. The result is something that you’ll have to hear over and over…and over.

Millien splits the EP down the middle with tranquility. A stabbing kick and a chord progression that’s nothing short of beautiful give the listener a simple, yet lucid two minute breather. Following is Zero Crossing, probably the most pumpin’ song on the release. Informant takes vocals from Afrodite and around them builds a bass monster that straight up rips. The drop is beyond aggressive and the bassline is one of the angriest growls you’ll find anywhere. The last original on the release is Aftertaste, a modern electro dance track with a lot of old school inspiration. It goes to prove that simple, melodic, and poppy are not necessarily bad things–just hold the cheese.

As mentioned, the release comes stocked with two sick remixes. Riot Class brings a reggae inspired dubstep remix to Aftertaste, giving it an incredibly hard hitting, original glitch feel at 140. It strips a dubstep track down to the bare bones and builds it with a slightly different, perhaps more headrocking formula. The last track on the release could be seen as the trick up the sleeve, as we had Cenix & Hivemynd go to town on Osaka with a funky prog house remix, begging for some beach party plays.

Keep an eye out for more LessThan3 releases, as we’ll be finishing this month strong with an all-star cast of young artists.

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