Jul 16, 2013
Friends On Mushrooms Vol. 2
Infected Mushroom & Savant - Savant On Mushrooms [Dim Mak]
Infected Mushroom feat. Kelsy Karter - Now Is Gold [Dim Mak]
Infected Mushroom - Trance Party [Dim Mak]

It is no simple task to pioneer your own sub-genre of electronic music in today’s industry, but mega-revolutionaries Infected Mushroom have been known to do just that. The psycho-sonic innovators of experimentally crafted psytrance have fondled our minds with complex, multi-layered melodies and synthetic rhythms for a decade-and-a-half, and they return this summer with the mind-altering Friends On Mushrooms Vol. 2.

Out now on Dim Mak Records, Friends On Mushrooms Vol. 2 carries five new tracks fully equipped with wobbly pitches and unexpected, yet tantalizing buildups that erupt into high-energy drops. Take a psychedelic trip with Savant On Mushrooms; the placating intro and vocals lure you into the midst of electronic instrumentals and a whirlwind drop that will pierce your temporal lobe. Now Is Gold gives a sense of subtlety with Kelsy Karter’s soft-spoken voice, but it’s not long before electric drums and progressive chords drive straight through to your skull. Trance Party sounds more like an electronic-dub-trance party. Its cavernous percussion and envelope modulation will simply make your head spin. Nerds On Mushrooms and The French take listeners on two separate psyche paths of warping tones and electrifying bass to complete another mushroom-infused journey through sound.

Infected Mushroom’s Friends On Mushrooms Vol. 2 is available on Dim Mak now. Grab your copy here.