Oct 08, 2010
Industrial Filth
Excision & Datsik - Swagga (Downlink Remix) [EX7]

It’s not news that the dubstep scene has been exploding here in North America. It seems like the Brits have done something right, because this is the hot genre right now. In fact, several events across America now include dubstep only tents; a reflection that Phange touched upon in his preview of Nocturnal. But this post isn’t about the USA; no, I wanted to talk about an artist that’s been causing a ruckus up north in Canada, ey? I’m talkin’ aboot Downlink. Downlink’s MySpace lists him as being influenced by genres that range from heavy metal all the way to… astrophysics? Although that last one might not be a genre, Downlink sure is laying it down.

For a taste of the man in action, check out Downlink’s remix of Swagga by Excision and Datsik. The names of these two heavy hitters let you know this track means business–and Downlink does not disappoint. I love the voice sampling in this song. Downlink’s talent has even caught the eye of such heavyweights as Bassnectar, So why don’t you do a favor and follow Bassnectar’s lead?

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