Jul 18, 2010
In This Life
Kaskade - In This Life (Zach Le Sage Remix) [Ultra]

In this day and age, just about everyone can access the internet and make a name for themselves. I am so glad that Zach Le Sage, a 19 year-old aspiring producer from the UK, has decided to do just that. Tackling In This Life, a timeless classic from one of the biggest names in house music sounds a little ambitious for such a young upstart, but Le Sage’s tenacity is not wasted.

Straight from the get-go, I was reminded of Adam K and Soha’s remix of Kaskade’s 4 AM. The constant thumping backbeat easily lends itself to toe tapping; it’s almost hypnotizing. In addition to a fantastic beat, this track features near-perfect use of vocals that I can’t help getting lost in. Finally, the drop around the three-and-a-half minute mark is so well done it’s almost goosebump-inducing. Although originally released on Kaskade’s 2006 album, Love Mysterious, Le Sage’s remix of In This Life still manages to shine in 4 years later. I believe Le Sage has immense potential. He’s managed to out-Kaskade Kaskade, and that’s admirable. The world can always use more exceptional house producers.

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