Jul 24, 2010
In The ZOne
Mat Zo & Tyler Michaud - Stubby (Acquaviva's 2009 Remastered Edit) [Definitive]

20 year old Mat Zo (real name Matar Zohan) has a lot to be happy about. He’s been named one of the hottest, most in-demand trance artists in both the UK and around the world. In 2009, Above & Beyond rated him as 2009’s breakthrough DJ/producer of the year. This comes as no surprise, as Zo has released numerous singles on their label Anjunabeats and seems to be their go-to guy for fresh and creative new tunes. That being said, this track I stumbled across, Stubby, is a classic in its own right. Joining Zo is Tyler Michaud, an up-and-comer that has been getting recognition from heavy hitters like Armin, Tiesto, and Paul Van Dyk. So what happens when two aspiring producers collaborate on a single track? Well, the end product is a hybrid of techno and tech-house that is just too good to not put on repeat.

The track starts of with the usual high hat/drum combination that is prevalent in many house songs, but soon after comes the bendy, electro-esque kick. As you progress further into the track, more and more attention is given to the sinewy beat. It enters your brain and plants itself deep into your auditory cortex, going deeper and deeper unti all you hear are the haunting, yet sexy bleeps. Then comes the reverb, lifting you higher and higher until you think you’ve escaped. But not yet my friend, not until you’ve faced the death drop. Yes, I said it, death drop. That’s exactly what it is until it surprises you with a smooth crash landing back onto terra firma. The rest of the track is an aural sensation that is sure to get your booty moving.

As if all that wasn’t enough, tech house producer Acquaviva has been kind enough to remaster this exquisite track – and it sounds absolutely amazing. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the track for yourself. But be warned, once you play it once, you will not be able to get it out of your head.

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