Jul 28, 2010
In the Woods
Michael Woods - Dropzone (2010 Remix) [Diffused]

It’s kind of hard to describe, but some songs just pump you full of….well….ambition. Something about the chord structure or melody just makes you want to get up and go do something. Taking a deep dive into Michael Woods’ Dropzone, we can learn a little bit about the reasons a track might invoke those emotions.

The setup: a simple beat with a calm melody pattern, surrounded by nice ambient effects to ease into the increasingly thumpier beat. Next, a synth pattern appears and over time wooshing sounds come steadily in and out like waves, both drawing your attention to and away from the synth pattern that’s been there all along. What comes next is a strong complete shut down of the track. This kind of effect is very risky, as you inevitably kill the energy in the song. If you’re going to do this, you better be sure the next part is going to make up for that. Michael Woods, completely cognizant of this fact, brings us back through a very awe-inspiring melody. It kinda makes me think of human aspiration and achievement or some kinda other super epic, emotionally driven event. Finally, by returning back to the previous synth pattern, the song completes a full circle, allowing us time to prepare for the next cycle. Such is life, no?

I heard this song completely randomly a few days ago when listening to Judge Jules’ August 2009 mix, live from Ministry of Sound in London. I didn’t have a tracklist so I sent Jules an email to which he quickly responded with an ID on this track. Thanks Jules–very much appreciated. Check out his podcast, Judgement Sundays, which is one of my main sources of new material.

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