Aug 08, 2010
Cloud Nine
Tom Cloud - The Darkest Star (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
Tom Cloud - Tailwind (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
Tiesto feat Charlotte Martin - Sweet Things (Tom Cloud Remix) [Black Hole]

Tom Cloud started off his career with a bang, to say the least–his first single, Told You So, was immediately picked up by Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings and was included in his In Search Of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles compilation. This high-profile endorsement led to the song going to number one on the Beatport charts, a booking at Trance Energy 2008, and continued support by Tiesto. Not bad for such a newcomer to the scene.

I included three Tom Cloud tracks in this post to display his versatility as a producer. Think of these tracks as “hard, harder, hardest.” The first track, The Darkest Star, is a new progressive house record that was included on the first disc of In Search Of Sunrise 8: South Africa. While the progressive “beachy” sound is definitely present, an air of darkness permeates the track, warning the listener that hard beats may or may not be on the event horizon.

The next track, Tailwind, is a lesser-known song of his, but is quite the track nonetheless. I will use an oxymoron to describe this track: light tech trance. The techy sound is definitely present, especially when that synth kicks in at 3:26, but it is not quite as ferocious as your standard tech trance track–W&W would probably play a track like this in the first twenty minutes or so of their set.

Finally, we have what I consider to be his magnum opus: Cloud’s remix of Sweet Things by Tiesto ft. Charlotte Martin. The original mix was my favorite track on his Elements Of Life album, but this remix is so good I don’t know that I will ever listen to the original mix again. Not only is Charlotte Martin a vocalist who needs to be used on way more trance tracks, her lyrics really make you think. Check out this non-EDM track to marvel at her lyrical ingenuity. But I digress… just wait til you get to 4:44 in the Sweet Things remix. Absolute, utter destruction. I would give my left arm to hear this song live–a pretty big commitment on my part since I’m left-handed.

Which of these tracks if your favorite? Is it the foreboding The Darkest Star, The techy Tailwind, or the murderous Sweet Things? Let me know!

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