Jun 09, 2011
In Search of Sunrise 9, India
Daniel Wanrooy - Bangalore (Original Mix) [Songbird]
Vinson - Circular Progression (Original Mix) [Songbird]
Pulser - In Deep (Original Mix) [Songbird]

The big moment has finally arrived! Richard Durand’s sophomore studio mix release In Search of Sunrise 9, India is now out. As DJ for one of the most cherished franchises in all of dance music, Durand succeeded Tiesto last year with In Search of Sunrise 8, South Africa. We here at LessThan3 have made few misgivings of how much we love that album.

After the recent success of Durand’s new studio album Wide Awake, expectations were riding extremely high among the team for the release of this album. So, how did it fare? There is little doubt that the new ISOS has all the ingredients of a solid addition to the esteemed franchise. Like South Africa, the mix is noticeably techier and at times less progressive, maybe even moreso this time around. Perhaps it’s just me, but I love tracks like Circular Progression by Vinson that simply don’t hold back on the techiness. As always, the compilation is full of stellar vocal tracks, including Ad Brown and Mango & Kerry Leva’s Tonight and Jorg Zimmer & Eva Kade’s Fire In My Head. Pulser & Molly Bancroft’s In Deep, featured above, is a quintessential ISOS vocal–deeply expressive and tinged with melancholy. Daniel Wanrooy, whose previous ISOS track Ocean Terrace was a fan favorite, returns with another standout, albeit funkier track Bangalore.

While I truly enjoyed the new addition to the ISOS series, it lacks a bit of the pizzazz that made ISOS 8, South Africa so special. While ISOS 9 maintains a more consistent feel throughout the mix, ISOS 8 felt bolder and edgier, which is my preferred sound. Either way, In Search of Sunrise 9, India is definitely worth a listen-to for all progressive/trance fans.