Oct 15, 2010
In Loving Memory
SPL - In Memory [Hollow Point]

2010 has seen some absolutely show-stopping grimy dubstep basslines. However, the songs that have stood out the most for me have been those that take a more experimental approach to the genre. These tracks prove that the traditional dubstep bassline is still very necessary, but best when served alongside something with a bit more depth. Enter SPL, a veteran to the genre who insists on evolving at the pace of the very genre he produces.

The title track of his recent EP In Memory is the perfect balance of experimental dubstep and the traditional in-your-face mind-raping dubstep we’ve come to know and love. I won’t lie to you, the pulsing bassline in this track is relentless, but what really pulls In Memory together in the end is SPL’s ability to add a storyline through the use of finely polished, melodic breakdowns.

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